Master the Trinity of Golf to Score Low

Pelz demonstrates power swing versus finesse swingDavid Pelz’s Front9 article (September 2014 Golf Magazine – reminded me of what the late Ken Venturi said in his eight instructional videotapes entitled The Encyclopedia of Golf.

Pelz cited three swings: putting stroke, finesse swing and power swing. He explained the appropriateness of each one and said most amateurs lack a finesse swing. He stated: “Once you learn the difference between power and finesse, there’s nothing the course can throw at you that you can’t handle.” He added once you get the power and finesse swings down, along with good putting “… you’ll become a complete player. That’s when golf gets really fun!”

Venturi said golf is three games in one: a putting game, a short game and a long game. I think he would concur with Pelz’s complete player statement. Mastery of the three is how to score low in golf. And I agree with Pelz when he said a finesse swing (short game) is what most amateurs lack in their game.

Venturi called the short game the most creative part of golf. I think it is too. Why? Because it takes dedication, practice, patience and imagination to acquire a very skilful short game. It’s a rare thing to find all of them in one package.

With some layout changes, I’m including Pelz’s article. I’ve given plenty of credit to the source. I’d add a couple of variables to Pelz’s finesse swing because they also affect distance control — and control is what matters most in the short game. They are hip rotation speed, hand placement on grip and set up (closed, square or open). Clicking on the article enlarges its viewing size.


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