Arnold Palmer Death Notice


He often said that winning the 1954 U.S. Amateur gave him the confidence to launch his professional career. — USGA

Arnold Palmer Defines Civility

Arnold Palmer, 87, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, died Sunday, Sept. 25. News stories are focused on his 62 PGA and seven major wins, rightly so because that’s how many sports writers remember great athletics.

But for me it presents an incomplete story of an athletic who without a doubt moved golf out of country clubs to Main Street America — vox populi. Yes, Francis Ouimet increased golf awareness among Americans, but Arnold Palmer made them want to play.

Throughout his whole career, during his victories and defeats, the loss of his first wife Winnie in 1999 and his bout with prostate cancer, Arnie never failed to live up to a valuable lesson he received from his father Milfred Jerome “Deacon” Palmer. Put simply:

Do to others as you would have them do to you. — Luke 6:31

Mr. Palmer’s gentle manner, social graces, politeness and respect for others are the Grand Slam of Life. By any measure he won it. I admire him most for that. RIP Arnold Palmer.


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