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I’m hoping that the amateur voice of this blog fills a void in how you think about the game of golf in a way that no other golf blog does.

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I discovered golf in my forties on an August day at a golf resort. Friends loaned me a used iron set of Lee Trevino clubs and invited me to be the fourth in their group. I had never taken a lesson, seen a scorecard or ever swung a club on a golf course. While unable to recall most of my first round, I know that before I reached the 18th that day I had become engrossed in the game — so much so, my friends had to almost drag me off the last green. I didn’t want the round to end.

I went through a transformation since that first day. I took golf lessons from PGA Golf Instructors who taught me the mantra of “good fundamentals”, without which my golfing days may have been short-lived, because anyone who plays at any level knows not only how exhilarating but also how frustrating and humbling the game can be.

I joined a men’s club, played in leagues and tournaments of all kind, mostly at the local club level, but occasionally at the state level. I became skilled enough to play on a match play traveling team that competed with other clubs. I organized and managed corporate and private tournaments; served as a men’s club director and president.

I hold a single digit USGA Handicap Index, which I credit to not only practice and patience, but also to my discover of the mental side of the game and golf fitness.

The USGA writes and maintains the Rules of Amateur Status along with the R&A Rules Limited. An amateur golfer, whether he [s/he] plays competitively or recreationally, is one who plays golf for the challenge it presents, not as a profession and not for financial gain.

2 Responses to About

  1. Bill Daley says:

    Every once in awhile you meet someone special and I feel so very fortunate to have met you. I hope you have a safe journey until we can play again at Bloomington. -Bill

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